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We are pleased to make available our latest DVD, "The X-Factor in Sourcing". This is a thirty-minute DVD explaining a key element of effective strategic sourcing and negotiations. For more information, please click here.

– A Steady Leak
of Your Profitability?

An enterprise doing business in today’s marketplace must pursue every advantage to cut costs, increase productivity, boost profitability and stay competitive in the unforgiving global arena. One area often overlooked in the quest for operational efficiency is procurement.

A lack of long-range sourcing strategies, inadequate buying leverage, weak negotiating and purchasing skills, outdated purchasing practices and a lack of sourcing options – all these factors and more cause profitability to leak through the purchasing function more than most corporations realize. If your sourcing practices are adversely affecting your bottom line – Global Supply Management, Inc.™ (GSM) has the process for you!

The GSM Process™– Your Strategic
Edge in Negotiating and Sourcing

Global Supply Management has developed a set of world-class sourcing solutions that will enable corporations to establish their sourcing strategy as one of the most effective competitive advantages. The GSM Process has been developed by a team of sourcing, negotiating and contract specialists, in order to help enterprises improve and enhance their procurement strategies and practices at every phase of the purchasing process.

GSM offers clients a multi-disciplined package of products, each designed to optimize sourcing expenditures, and all to present corporate America with a comprehensive and proven purchasing solution.

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